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 LZP-4 Zoning System

LZP-4 Zoning System

Four-zone system delivering optimal comfort room-to-room

With the ability to control up to four separate areas, the LZP-4 zoning system can meet your specific comfort needs in one zone, without affecting the others. And, while it's maximizing your comfort, the LZP-4 is working to help lower home energy costs.

  • Designed for easy integration with multistage heating and cooling systems, LZP-4 zoning helps you maintain optimal comfort from room to room, and season to season
  • Divides your home into four different areas, or “zones,” and gives you the flexibility to set a different temperature for each zone based on your home’s unique design and comfort requirements
  • Zoning can mean energy savings of up to 35% when used with a programmable thermostat
  • Fully compatible with dual-fuel heating


    Here are some of the top features of LZP-4:

    Excellent energy efficiency—reduces your energy costs by up to 35%, when used with a programmable thermostat.*

    Four-area zoning helps eliminate hot and cold spots.

    Easy integration with standard heating and cooling systems to provide precise comfort throughout the home, throughout the year.

Energy Efficiency

    • Excellent energy efficiency—reduces your energy costs by up to 35%, when used with a programmable thermostat*
    • Automatic changeover—automatically switches between heating and cooling operation, depending upon the demand
    • Dual-fuel capability—can be integrated with an electric heat pump and gas furnace for added energy savings


    • Electronic sensor—ensures accurate, hassle-free operation



* Department of Energy statistics