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We are in the dog days of summer here in Haverhill, MA and our air conditioners have been putting in overtime. If you haven’t had your air conditioner service yet this season, there’s still plenty of summer left to contend with so be sure and get that scheduled. There are a few problems that arise more often than others that you can be on the lookout for.

  1. Leaking refrigerant
    There are two reasons your air conditioner may be low on refrigerant: it wasn’t properly charged at the time it was installed or you have a leak somewhere in your system. Your air conditioner doesn’t use up refrigerant. It is in a constant loop so if you’re running low call one of our certified professionals in to solve the problem. Adding more refrigerant without addressing a leak will not solve the problem and if your system was insufficiently charged we can get you up to the manufacturer’s standards. We can help get your system running at peak performance and efficiency.
  2. Insufficient maintenance
    Just like your car needs its oil changed, your air conditioner needs routine service. A properly maintained system not only runs better, but it lasts longer. Annual air conditioner service allows our team a chance to catch small problems before they become big problems. We go through a series of inspections, tests and cleaning and it will keep your AC in tip-top shape. Our maintenance agreements will give you piece of mind and keep you comfortable.
  3. Short cycling
    Short cycling is when your air conditioner is turning off and on too frequently. There are a number of things that could be causing this to happen. Your system may have been improperly sized for your home. Short cycling adds a lot of stress to your system and will shorten its life and increase your utility bills. You may also have some electrical issues with corroded wires or electrical connections causing issues. It’s best to call in the professional to evaluate any of these problems.

You shouldn’t have to worry about staying cool this summer and with our air conditioner service you won’t have to. It is our mission to keep your family comfortable. If you are experiencing any troubles or have any questions for us give us a call at (978) 872-1190. Of course, you can always set up an appointment with us online using our online scheduler.

Here in New England it’s either allergy season or it’s winter. If you find yourself suffering from allergies you’ve probably tried every trick in the book to find relief. As we spend a majority of our time indoors, your indoor air quality has a major effect on your health. A tool in the battle against allergies in the home that you may not have considered before are germicidal lights.

If you haven’t heard of a germicidal light before you’re not alone. However, they are an incredibly effective, non-chemical way to destroy pollutants in your air. They were originally invented to fight against the spread of tuberculosis and are still used in hospitals and sterile work facilities. Germicidal lights emit UV (ultraviolet) light that destroys the DNA of bacteria, viruses and fungi that reside in your heating and cooling system. The destruction of the DNA means that the pollutants cannot grow or multiply.

Germicidal lights are constantly at work inside your system, cleaning your air without producing toxic ozone. Your air isn’t the only thing that germicidal lights work to keep clean either. Your heating and cooling unit will also be kept cleaner when mold and other pollutants are unable to grow. As you know, when you’re changing your filter, dust and pet dander build up in your system and can affect performance. Keeping those pollutants out can mean a system that runs more efficiently, which can save you money.

There are many things that can help keep your indoor air at the highest quality. If you would like more information about how germicidal lights can improve your home’s air or have any other questions about your home comfort system, our professionals would be happy to work with you. You can call to speak with one of our certified technicians at at (978) 872-1190 or set up an appointment with us using our online scheduler.

Hopefully your to-do list this season is filled with things like trips to the beach and weekend getaways. If you haven’t yet, something to add to that summer to-do list is your annual air conditioner service. New England weather is hard to predict, but one thing is certain, you’re going to be running your air conditioner this summer. An annual air conditioner service performed by the team at Andrew DiPietro’s Climate Zone along with a few helpful tips will keep you cool and save you money.

Annual Service

As your system runs it accumulates dirt and debris which impact its efficiency. Your air conditioner could be losing up to 5% of its efficiency due to this build up. Not only that, but the accumulation of dust could also be aggravating your seasonal allergies. That’s why it’s so important to get annual air conditioner service. Our certified technicians will perform inspections, tests and cleanings to make sure your system will be keeping you cool for a long time.

Utilize Your Programmable Thermostat

Setting your programmable thermostat could save you up to 10% on your heating and cooling costs for the year. With a programmable thermostat you can customize a cooling plan that works with your schedule to save you money.

Change Your Filter

A dirty filter will negatively impact your AC’s efficiency and could cause damage to your system. Changing your air filter can increase the life and efficiency of your unit and provide you with cleaner air. If you or anyone in your home suffers from allergies it is especially important to make sure you’re changing your filter every month or two.

We want you to enjoy the indoors as much as you’re enjoying the outdoors this season. We are here to answer any questions and help you get through your summer to-do list in comfort. If you haven’t scheduled your air conditioner service yet, call the pros at Climate Zone at (978) 872-1190. Or, if it is easier for you, schedule an appointment with us online using our online scheduler.

Things are really starting to heat up here in the Haverhill area, which means your AC is having to work overtime. When your system starts working overtime it’s more likely to break down. That’s why it’s so important to have an AC repair technician you can trust. It’s best to do some research before a breakdown so when you need a repair you aren’t just picking the first name out of the phone book. There are some companies out there that try to take advantage of your sweaty state. So what are some signs that your AC repair technician doesn’t have your best interests in mind?

  1. Requesting Payment Before Beginning Work
    • If you’ve ever watched a daytime court show you know that not only should you get things in writing, but you also shouldn’t pay contractors before they’ve provided service. Reputable companies will provide an estimate and most will not require any payment before work begins.
  2. Quotes a Price Before Inspecting Your System
    • If your technician hasn’t inspected your system how are they figuring up the price they are quoting? Find a company that will provide both an inspection and an estimate before quoting and beginning service.
  3. Refuses to Put it in Writing
    • Again, unless you want to end up in small claims court, don’t work with a company that refuses to put work in writing. Having a signed contract or estimate means that you and your technician are both on the same page as far as the scope of the work involved and the cost.

Hopefully these tips will help you avoid working with untrustworthy contractors. If you are in need of AC repair in the future, we hope you will keep the experts at Andrew DiPietro’s Climate Zone in mind. Our knowledgeable, accredited technicians will work with you to ensure that you understand the work being done before it begins. If you’d like to see some of our client reviews check out our testimonials. We’ve also won awards from Haverhill’s Best and Home Depot’s Voice of the Customer Award in 2014. We are proud of our work and we believe if you work with us you will see why. If you’d like to schedule an appointment or have any questions give us a call at (978) 872-1190 or set up an appointment with us using our online scheduler.