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Regardless of whether it is heating or cooling season in the Haverhill area, clogged air filters can cause any number of problems for your heating and AC system. Notice that your in-home air is slightly boggy? Is there a decreased airflow or short cycles of air throughout your home? These are just a few of the signs that your air filter might need to get replaced.

Furnaces usually use a heat exchange method to heat or cool your home’s air. The unit’s fan pulls existing air out of rooms via ducts and toward the heat exchange, where it is heated or cooled, and then is moved back out into the room. The air filters are an essential part of this airflow and when they become clogged or dirty, this decreases the cycle of air in your home.

Here are a few other side effects that might occur when your air filters are not changed regularly based on the weather in the Haverhill area:

  • Frozen coils. Dirty air filters often make your system work harder to heat or cool, increasing the risk of having your cooling coil freeze. When your system is continuously working overtime, complications become more and more likely.
  • Lower energy efficiency. Because the system relies on the constant recirculation of air, energy consumption is a large part of your heating and AC system. The harder your fan works to get air throughout your house, the higher your energy bills will be. Per the Department of Energy, clogged filters can use 15% more energy than a non-clogged air filter.
  • Unhealthy air. Clogged air filters allow dust and debris to be re-filtered back into your home, which can be especially bad for people with allergies or respiratory conditions. Pets or chemicals in the house can also cause these filters to get clogged more often and produce diminished air quality.
  • Total loss of cooling or heating. This can occur over months of unreplaced air filters and can mean that your system has worked so hard that parts might need full replacement. These drastic system problems lessen the longevity of the equipment, forcing you to spend more money on repairs or even on an entirely new system.

If you can’t remember exactly the last time you changed your air filter, it may be a good time to call the team at Climate Zone at (978) 872-1190 or schedule an appointment online so you can prevent any potential damage. Our experts can answer questions about where your air filter is, what kind of air filter you will need and more.

Sometimes when the cold winter weather finally hits in Haverhill, we tend to draw our attention to outdoor maintenance of yard cleanup and home repairs, often at the expense of indoor winter maintenance, especially heating. Service and maintenance of your home furnace can save them from breaking down when you need them most in the middle of the winter.

Check out some more top benefits to immediate furnace service:

  • Guarantees that your furnace is up-to-date. Whether it’s an airflow check or full inspection, ensuring that your furnace has all the latest pieces and parts can give you peace of mind that it is up-to-date with the newest technology and standards.
  • Helps keep your home safe. All furnaces burn fuel to generate heat and when your furnace is old and in need of repair, you need to make sure you have your system serviced. It’s imperative to check the heat exchanger, gas burner and gas valve calibration and notify your Climate Zone expert of changes to keep you safe.
  • Keeps you warm through the winter. A functioning furnace means a warm house. When your furnace is serviced and running smoothly, the less likely that there are chances for breakdowns. This allows for smooth, continual use of your furnace throughout the winter and a way to stay healthy and comfortable through the cold months.
  • Keeps your warranty valid. Furnaces are meant to undergo maintenance annually to maintain most warranties, so allowing an expert from Andrew DiPietro’s Climate Zone to identify potential problems and fix them before anything happens will save you money down the road.

At Climate Zone, we tend to be busiest in the middle of winter when furnaces are prone to having problems. By getting your furnace service appointment scheduled now, you not only can see these benefits, but also ensure that your furnace will be taken care of without a long wait created from other customers. Keeping your house warm and comfortable should be a top priority this winter and it starts with a furnace service.

If you want to schedule a furnace tune-up with Andrew DiPietro’s Climate Zone or have any questions about servicing in the Haverhill area, call us at (978) 872-1190 or set up an appointment online.

We all know what comes after a beautiful Haverhill fall – a cold winter. If you’ve lived through enough New England winters, you know that it’s not a good time for your heat to go out. The team here at Andrew DiPietro’s Climate Zone is always here to help you out if you find yourself without heat and in need of emergency furnace repair. There are also some steps you can take to help ensure that you’re ready for an unexpected breakdown.

Prior to furnace problems:

  • Annual furnace service. Keeping up with annual furnace service is important to keeping your system running smoothly and efficiently. Furnace service allows our technicians to catch any minor problems before they become a major problem.
  • Gather supplies. Set aside some space to store emergency items such as a space heater, blankets, gloves, hand warmers and hats. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

After your furnace stops:

  • Check your breaker. It’s possible that the breaker to your furnace may be tripped by a power surge. If this is all that happened, flip the breaker and your system should start running again. If this happens and your furnace still hasn’t turned on, it’s time to call for furnace repair.
  • Break into your emergency supplies. If your furnace goes out, break into your emergency supplies to stay cozy while waiting for a technician to arrive.
  • Stay safe. Although it may be tempting, do not bring in outdoor heat sources like kerosene lamps or grills. The fumes from these devices produce carbon monoxide and are very dangerous without proper ventilation. Utilizing a space heater, fireplace or wood stove are safe ways to stay warm until assistance arrives.

There is no ideal time to deal with furnace repair, but winter in Haverhill is definitely not a good time. That’s why we are available 24/7 to ensure we’re someone is always available in case of any emergencies. If you are in need of furnace service, repair or just have a question for our team give us a call at (978) 872-1190 or set up an appointment with us using our online scheduler.