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AC repair can be one of the most frustrating home repairs. When you have to repair your air conditioner, it usually means that something has broken and that you’ve been living uncomfortably for a period of time. We get it – home repairs are never a walk in the park, but choosing the right company to fix your air conditioner can make all the difference. All of the options in Haverhill offer different things, so asking the right questions is very important in deciding on the perfect AC repair company:

Are you licensed, insured and bonded?

  • Andrew DiPietro’s Climate Zone loves when we get this question from potential customers because it means that you’re invested in the future of your home and are wanting the best service possible. Licensed companies are permitted to perform work in Haverhill; bonded companies are financially backed by a bonding company in the event of a filed claim; and insured companies prevent you from being held responsible if a worker is injured during a repair or check-up – all of these boxes should be checked for you to feel comfortable with the AC repair company that you choose. These things separate the best companies from the shadier ones and those companies who are licensed, insured and bonded should be more than willing to show you proof.

Do you have local references?

  • We ask our neighbors and peers for all sorts of opinions and feedback, so why not reach out to them for heating and air conditioning equipment recommendations as well? It’s important to hear from local Haverhill residents about their repair experiences because they have been in your shoes. They can give you the reasons why they chose the company they did and offer you an honest, unbiased opinion on the services they received. You can also check out personal testimonials on our Climate Zone website for further opinions on our service.

Can you provide a detailed, written estimate?

  • Receiving a detailed outline of what will be done during an AC repair and the costs associated with each aspect can make a huge difference for your peace of mind. These estimates not only protect you as a customer, but they also hold the professional accountable for completing everything they are supposed to. Unexpected things can always come up, so it can be important to have a record of what will be done and what both parties can expect.

These questions are a few of the many possible questions you could ask when choosing the perfect AC repair company for you, but at Climate Zone, we are confident that these will give you a great start. Our answers to all three of these questions are sure to satisfy you and we are passionate about reliable and trustworthy AC repair in the Haverhill area. So, if you are in need of AC repair and find Climate Zone to be the right fit for you, give us a call at 978-912-7677 or schedule an appointment with us online.

Temperatures are about to be on the rise in the Haverhill area and many residents are getting ready to turn their air conditioners back on. But is your system ready to be used after months of hibernation? Ensuring that your air conditioner is serviced now, before spring hits, will ease your mind when the heat wave hits that your system is ready to perform efficiently and properly. Here are a few simple steps you can take to make sure that your air conditioner is ready:

  • If you used foam pipe covers around your exposed exterior pipes over the colder season, make sure to remove those. While they probably made a huge difference during the freezing cold temperatures, removing them will ensure that your cool air can circulate better throughout your home.
  • Clear the area around your external air conditioner to ensure that there aren’t any leaves or debris that can hinder the performance of your system. This is important to keep in mind throughout the year, and not just before spring, so be sure to keep about two to three feet of space around your air conditioner clear.
  • Make sure you have your regularly scheduled air conditioner service on the calendar, even if it’s still a bit chilly outside. This check-up can help you take care of safety checks, including equipment cleaning, changing your air filter and inspecting electrical connections.

No matter the season, keeping your air conditioner running smoothly and efficiently is vital to your comfort. Don’t start spring without ensuring that your air conditioner is ready for the change of seasons and prepped to start up strong again. If you have any questions about air conditioner service or the timing, give Andrew DiPietro’s Climate Zone a call at (978) 912-7677 or schedule an appointment with us online.