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At Andrew DiPietro’s Climate Zone, we know that there’s no better day than the one when you switch your thermostat from heat to cool – it’s the official signal that winter is gone and summer is upon us! Finally using your air conditioner after months without use can bring up a few questions; when was the last time I had my AC serviced? Does it need repair? How can I get the most out of my system this summer without spending a fortune? Here are some cost-saving tips to keep your home comfortable and ensure that your Haverhill home air conditioner will last you a long time:

  1. Consider the humidity – no one should ever have to consider completely turning off their air conditioner in the summer in order to save a few bucks. Air conditioners dehumidify your home automatically while cooling it, so you will notice a drastic difference in the mugginess of your home if you utilize your AC.
  2. Utilize fans – doubling up your air conditioner with fans can enhance the air circulation in your home and even allow you to raise your thermostat a few degrees to keep costs down. With fans blowing air down, your air conditioner doesn’t need to work as hard or produce as much cold air, keeping your air conditioner running longer and more efficiently through the summer.
  3. Find the perfect degree – in the first few days that you have your air conditioner running this season, use this time to test out what temperatures you are comfortable at. Make small changes by adding or subtracting a degree here and there until you find the perfect air level – you may find that you are comfortable at a higher temperature than you originally anticipated, which can save you money over time. Remember: the longer your air conditioner is running, the more energy and money you are spending, so every degree counts when it comes to your monthly energy bill.
  4. Don’t forget your annual service – keeping your AC unit up-to-date and annually serviced will ensure that every piece of equipment in your system is working at top efficiency. Reduce your risk of an expensive AC repair in the middle of the summer heat with a check-up now. A healthy and happy AC unit means a healthy and happy home this summer, as well as a healthy and happy wallet!

We know it can get hot in the Haverhill area, but just because the heat is rising doesn’t meant that your energy bills should do the same. Utilize these tips to help you save some money while also maintaining your comfort this summer. If you have any questions about AC repair or servicing or you want to know more about making your home as energy efficient as possible this summer, give your local Climate Zone experts a call at 978-872-1190.

Making the decision to upgrade your current air conditioning system is not something to take lightly – once you’ve decided to take the leap to a better, more energy efficient system, you are making a great long-term investment in your home. So, good for you; you deserve this increase in comfort and decrease in energy expenses! Not to mention the fact that your energy consumption will look much less scary from here on out. All of these things are quite exciting for your home, but there are also a few more things to consider before you begin the air conditioning installation process, especially when it comes to prepping your Haverhill home:

  1. Clear a path
    Before the installation, you will want to make sure that the area around your equipment or where your equipment will be placed is easy to access. A lot of things can get in the way of the installation process, such as stairs, decks and porches, so clearing around these areas can be very helpful for your AC contractors. Clear your yard of waste, big sticks, leaf piles, garden hoses, rakes or tools, children’s toys or other obstructions. Don’t forget to contain your pets during the installation process, as well, for the safety of the system and for your furry friends.
  2. Review your load calculation
    Every AC contractor completes a complex calculation of the home’s structure, windows, roof, location and direction to help them determine the size and type of AC equipment you will need for your home. This is called a heating and cooling load calculation and you should absolutely ask to see it and have it explained to you before any installation begins. If your contractor did a Block Assessment or didn’t to a load calculation at all, we strongly recommend that you find another contractor and ensure that your equipment is the right system for your home. Give Andrew DiPietro’s Climate Zone in Haverhill a call at 978-912-7677 if this is the case and we will get you a Haverhill HVAC professional to give you a full assessment.
  3. Clean and seal your ducts
    Ask your AC company to clean your ductwork as they are installing your unit. You don’t want your new AC system to be greeted with dirt and dust immediately from your old duct system, so your HVAC contractor should be more than willing to clean and properly seal these ducts. This cleaning will extend the life of your new system and increase the quality of air in your home, and therefore the health of you and your family.

Ensure that your home is ready for the air conditioning installation process by calling our experts at Andrew DiPietro’s Climate Zone in Haverhill at 978-912-7677 or by arranging an appointment online for a free system estimate and home comfort analysis. Move forward confidently with this exciting air conditioner upgrade by knowing how to prep for this AC installation!