When people think of humidity, they usually think of muggy and dry outdoor air that makes you feel bogged down and sweaty. But not all humidity is bad; most people forget about the indoor humidity that plays a significant role in keeping our families comfortable. Our expert furnace technicians have seen all sorts of indoor air changes and humidity levels, but for your ideal comfort, they recommend maintaining between 25 and 40 percent humidity in your home.

Especially in the colder months, these humidity levels are more important than ever. Dry air in Haverhill can affect the respiratory system with dry mucous membranes, causing scratchy throats and noses. The drier the indoor air, the greater risk you have of catching a cold or receiving these breathing problems.

Here’s how dry air becomes a problem in the winter: the cold air cannot hold much water vapor, meaning that they colder the air is, the drier it is, too. When that cold, dry winter air leaks into your home from holes, air ducts or open doors becomes even drier from the heat of your furnace. All this results in low indoor humidity and uncomfortable levels of dryness. But it’s easier to maintain indoor humidity levels than one would think with a humidifier.

You would never know all the benefits that proper air humidification could provide you if you are never told. There are many benefits to proper humidification, such as:

  • Lowering the chance for static electricity and shocks within the home
  • Alleviating skin irritations and dry skin
  • Providing you with the best atmosphere for indoor plants
  • Ensuring that you don’t have to worry about damaging wood furniture, paint or flooring

By talking to our experts at Andrew DiPietro’s Climate Zone at your regularly scheduled furnace maintenance, online in our appointment scheduler or by calling us at (978) 912-7677, you can ensure that you are receiving all these humidification benefits in your home. Live comfortably and healthily throughout the year, regardless of the season or dryness levels.