The constant chill of a Haverhill winter can feel overwhelming. Some days, you’ll end up thinking you will never be warm again, no matter what you do. During New England winters, every room in your house needs heat.

But one area you might not consider when it comes to this battle against the cold is one that can impact the rest of your house: the garage. Some homeowners don’t consider their garage a room in their home. As a result, they don’t adjust their thermostats to account for keeping their garage warm—or even at a pleasant temperature.

It might seem counterintuitive to spend money running your furnace to keep the garage warm. Many houses don’t even have ducts that lead to the garage. That’s why garage heaters can be your secret weapon against the cold during the winter in Haverhill.

Some of the advantages of keeping your garage warm include:

  • Keep your home’s pipes from freezing. While your heating ducts might not go through your garage, there’s a good chance your water pipes do. If a sudden cold front comes through, it can put a chill on your water pipes. One that could lead to pipes freezing and bursting. A garage heater can help keep temperatures moderate and defend against a potentially expensive plumbing problem.
  • Make your car warmer. One reason you park in the garage during the winter is to keep your car out of the cold. So why not give your car the extra protection of a warmer garage? As anyone who has survived a New England winter knows, vehicles exposed to low temperatures for an extended period of time often have trouble starting up. Batteries are not made to withstand freezing temps, so a warm garage could help extend the lifetime of your car’s battery. Your car shouldn’t live in a sauna, though. Excessive heat in your garage can damage your car. Maintain a garage temperature in the 40s to keep your car in good condition and starting easily.
  • Create extra space for winter projects. Homeowners often don’t consider the garage a room in their house because it’s uncomfortably cold. But for those who have a workbench, crafting area or other project space out there, a garage heater keeps the projects going all season long.

At Andrew DiPietro’s Climate Zone we offer two affordable garage heater models. Each takes up very little space and can keep your garage warm all winter long.

The LF24 Garage Heater is efficient for almost any size garage or utility area. The T-Class™ TUA Separated Combustion Garage Heater is best for hard-to-heat garages where excessive humidity, dust or dirt is a concern. Whichever system you choose will be capable of providing warm, uniform comfort for garages sized for up to four cars.

To get the best efficiency out of your garage heater, consider these garage heating tips:

  • Make sure your garage is properly insulated to ensure heating efficiency.
  • Make sure your garage door is sealed to the floor. Cracks allow cold air to sneak into your garage, making your heater work harder and your space colder.
  • Seal any windows in your garage with weather stripping to make sure they are also airtight.
  • Consider the current lighting in your garage—some lights produce heat that can help warm your space.

Let us know if you have any questions about which garage heater might be best for your home. We can also give you more information about the benefits and installation process of garage heaters. Just give Andrew DiPietro’s Climate Zone a call at (978) 872-1190 or contact us online for a garage consultation.