Here in New England it’s either allergy season or it’s winter. If you find yourself suffering from allergies you’ve probably tried every trick in the book to find relief. As we spend a majority of our time indoors, your indoor air quality has a major effect on your health. A tool in the battle against allergies in the home that you may not have considered before are germicidal lights.

If you haven’t heard of a germicidal light before you’re not alone. However, they are an incredibly effective, non-chemical way to destroy pollutants in your air. They were originally invented to fight against the spread of tuberculosis and are still used in hospitals and sterile work facilities. Germicidal lights emit UV (ultraviolet) light that destroys the DNA of bacteria, viruses and fungi that reside in your heating and cooling system. The destruction of the DNA means that the pollutants cannot grow or multiply.

Germicidal lights are constantly at work inside your system, cleaning your air without producing toxic ozone. Your air isn’t the only thing that germicidal lights work to keep clean either. Your heating and cooling unit will also be kept cleaner when mold and other pollutants are unable to grow. As you know, when you’re changing your filter, dust and pet dander build up in your system and can affect performance. Keeping those pollutants out can mean a system that runs more efficiently, which can save you money.

There are many things that can help keep your indoor air at the highest quality. If you would like more information about how germicidal lights can improve your home’s air or have any other questions about your home comfort system, our professionals would be happy to work with you. You can call to speak with one of our certified technicians at at (978) 872-1190 or set up an appointment with us using our online scheduler.