Winter always seems to last forever, but it’s important to check-up on the one pieces of equipment that keeps you comfortable and warm during the coldest parts of the year. If you read this blog regularly, you know that we can’t emphasis the importance of your furnace enough and could write about it forever. But if you are looking for a basic recap or a simple list of things to know, look no further. We’ve laid it all out for you:

  1. Know when to repair OR replace – many people spend a lot more money on their furnaces than they really need to, especially if your furnace is old. The older the furnace, the harder it is to maintain with annual service and keep running efficiently. Older models have different guidelines than modern furnace models and knowing these differences have be important in deciding whether to repair or replace your furnace.
  2. Furnace size is important – the size of your furnace directly correlates to the size of your home. Smaller furnaces won’t keep up with the cold of the winter if your home is larger in size, meaning that your home will not be as comfortable as it should be and that you will could spend too much money on your energy bills. Larger furnaces will most likely be overworked, causing unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment.
  3. Identify your AFUE – the best way to identify the efficiency rating of your furnace is through annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratings. The higher the number, the great efficiency in your home. With the variety of furnace models and the improved technology over the years, most furnaces are identified at a rating of 95 and higher, ensuring that you remain comfortable all winter long.

Keeping your furnace running smoothly all winter long with service and maintenance can keep you worm during the coldest of days. In order to ensure the efficiency of your furnace for the remainder of the winter, or if you have any questions about what your specific furnace features or needs, give our experts a call at (978) 912-7677 or set up an appointment online.