It’s been a few months since you’ve had your furnace serviced and you’re wondering what the next step is; how do you make sure your furnace continues to run smoothly until your next service appointment? The best way to keep your system operating at its best in the months between maintenance is by changing your furnace filter. It’s a simple yet critical step to keeping your comfy no matter the weather in Haverhill. Clean filters can help avoid problems with your system and improve efficiency, ultimately lowering energy costs and increasing the quality of air in your home.

There are a few factors that go in to determining the best time to change your furnace filter, depending on your lifestyle and the system you have:

  • Home habits: There are a few environmental factors that can cause home air to be dirtier than others. Pets cause pet dander which require more frequent filter changes – we recommend every 2-3 months. If you have any family members that suffer from allergies or asthma, you might also want to consider changing your home’s air filter more often to ease their symptoms – we recommend every 1-2 months.
  • Type of filter: You will find that most furnaces use filter sizes that are either 1 inch or 3 inches. 1 inch filters typically need to be replaced every month and 3 inch filters should be replaced every 3 months, depending on the recommendations of the filter manufacturer.
  • Air pollution in the Haverhill area: Consider the normal air quality and time of year in Haverhill. After all, if we have a particularly bad season full of allergens, your air filter might need to be changed more regularly.

Once you have determined how frequently your furnace air filter should be replaced, how do you go about actually changing the filter? Each system is different, but here is an overview of the steps that should be taken:

  1. Find the air filter panel near the bottom of your furnace and open or remove the panel to get to the open compartment.
  2. In this compartment, you should find the furnace’s filter resting on two metal lips.
  3. Move the filter back and forth in the space that should be provided around the filter, enough to remove one end of the filter so that you can pull it out of the compartment.
  4. To install your new filter, first double check that you have picked out the right size of filter. Then examine the perimeter of the filter for an arrow that should indicate the air flow direction. The arrow should point towards the top of the furnace once it is placed in the compartment.

Still having problems replacing your furnace filter or just want to make sure that you are doing it correctly? Give Andrew DiPietro’s Climate Zone a call at (978) 872-1190 or contact us online with any questions or concerns throughout the replacement process and we’d be happy to walk you through it. Keep your Haverhill home comfortable for the rest of the winter and check your furnace filter today!