Offers from Andrew DiPietro’s Climate Zone

Saving money is something that everyone enjoys. So when it comes time for you to replace your furnace, air conditioner, or any number of other HVAC equipment, be sure to keep an eye on this page. At Andrew DiPietro’s Climate Zone we have a number of rebates and promotions that change throughout the year, so be sure you’re taking advantage of them while they last and we’ll help you keep a little more money in the bank.

In addition to Andrew DiPietro’s Climate Zone rebates and promotions, be sure to look into any federal tax credits or other local or state rebates that may be available through your energy company.

Home Heating System Rebates

Gas Networks:

Home Heating System Rebates

  • A new furnace or boiler can decrease energy use by as much as 30%.

Home Water Heater Rebates

  • Adding an indirect-fired water heater to an existing forced hot water heating system is one of the most efficient ways of heating hot water.

Home Thermostat Rebates

  • Wi-Fi and programmable thermostats can save energy by setting a customized temperature when you’re gone or asleep.


  • Rebates of up to $500 on ENERGY STAR qualified central air conditioning systems and air source heat pump systems.
  • Services such as Quality Installation Verification (QIV) for any new or existing residential central AC systems.

Massachusetts Clean Energy Center:

Air Source Heat Pumps

  • Air-source heat pumps (ASHPs) offer you an economical and energy efficient option to heat and cool your home.

Central Wood Pellet Heating

  • Central biomass pellet heating products utilize wood pellets to create heat, similar to how traditional boilers or furnaces use oil, propane, or natural gas.

Ground-Source Heat Pumps

  • Ground-source heat pumps (GSHPs) offer a more cost-conscious and energy-efficient option for heating, cooling, and water heating by tapping in to the very consistent temperatures underground to heat or cool your home.

Solar Hot Water

  • Solar hot water systems take the energy of the sun and heat water to use in your home.


There’s a chance you may qualify for utility rebates and incentives when you purchase a Lennox® high-efficiency heating or cooling system. Be sure to give the team at Andrew DiPietro’s Climate Zone a call to learn more about any rebates or savings that could be available on Lennox products.


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