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Climate Zone: The Authority on Everything Commercial HVAC

When it comes to commercial HVAC, Andrew DiPietro’s Climate Zone team are the Haverhill, MA experts who have the know-how to work with builders, construction companies – really anyone who has commercial HVAC needs. From the initial consultation, through continued maintenance, our team has the experience and understands that a commercial job is so much different than your run-of-the-mill furnace or air conditioner service appointment at someone’s home.

Andrew DiPietro’s Climate Zone has a great reputation in the Haverhill area for all of the work that we have done in a variety of small-to-medium sized commercial buildings as well as new housing developments.

No matter what stage of the process you are in, we have proven that we are able to step in and hit the ground running, making sure all of your heating, cooling and air quality needs are met.

At Andrew DiPietro’s Climate Zone, we have the commercial HVAC experience you’re looking for.

Here’s what we can offer you:

  • Planning and design – determining size, placement and the logistics behind installing a commercial HVAC system requires a great deal of knowledge – knowledge that we’re more than happy to pass on to you so that you are completely comfortable with everything we’re providing.
  • Installation – the sheer magnitude of these commercial heating and cooling systems requires expertise in knowing how to install them properly so you’re not simply adding a system, but making sure that it is operating as efficiently as possible.
  • Maintenance – ongoing maintenance is one of the most important factors when it comes to the lifespan and performance of your commercial HVAC system. Let us handle the dirty work.
    Repairs – experiencing a weird sound or erratic behavior? We can fix it.
  • Restoration – looking to bring your system back to it’s former glory and performance? We’re trained to prep, refurbish, resurface, repair and replace the parts of your system to help improve its output.
  • Modernization – sometimes there’s no getting around the fact that newer systems are head and shoulders above what you’re currently utilizing. We can help you identify how to best modernize the complete system.

Andrew DiPietro’s Climate Zone team is here to help make sure that all of your commercial HVAC needs are met. Our experience is second-to-none and we have the reputation and experience to back up our work. Feel free to give us a call at 978-872-1190 or schedule an appointment online and we’ll work with you to ensure your next project is completed quickly and correctly.