Preventative Maintenance Service Agreements Protect Your HVAC System

Reliable, Top-Notch Furnace and Air Conditioner Service

Maintaining a comfortable home year-round doesn’t have to seem like a chore. However, when it comes to keeping your furnace, air conditioner and any number of other HVAC products operating at their peak, you need to call in the pros at Andrew DiPietro’s Climate Zone.

That’s why you always hear us talking about our maintenance agreements. Scheduling routine, annual service for your HVAC products means that you don’t have to worry about whether or not your furnace goes out in the middle of a blizzard or your air conditioner going out when the heat and humidity seem to be at all-time highs.

When it comes to heating your home, Andrew DiPietro’s Climate Zone experts can do it all

Not to mention that routine maintenance helps your system last longer because it’s not working more than it needs to. The easiest comparison is that of maintaining your car. You always need to keep up with your oil changes, and every now and again you need new tires and brakes. Your furnace and air conditioner are no different. Plus, routine maintenance means you have a greater chance of catching potential issues before they become major headaches.

When you sign on to one of our maintenance agreements, you’ll have peace of mind that your system will be well cared for and that you’re not putting your comfort at risk. When one of the certified technicians from Andrew DiPietro’s Climate Zone comes out for a routine maintenance check, they will walk through a checklist of inspections, tests and cleanings to ensure your system is taken care of.

Andrew DiPietro’s Climate Zone has a great reputation in the Haverhill, MA, area for a reason, so don’t hesitate in giving us a call at 978-872-1190 or schedule an appointment online and one of Andrew DiPietro’s Climate Zone experts will be happy to help solve whatever heating or cooling problem you have.


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